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Why Office And Facility Managers Choose To Partner With Cleaning Machine in Asheville
  • Customizable Scope Of Work
  • Employee Monitoring Including Routine Inspections And Cleaning Audits
  • Trained And Supervised Staff
  • Background Checks Completed On All Team Members
  • Consistent Cleaning With Measurable Results
  • Licensed, Insured And Bonded

Are You Ready For Us To Take Care Of All The Dirty Work

Is Your Current Cleaning Company Disconnected From Your Scope Of Work

  • Do you find yourself or your staff routinely refilling soap, hand sanitizer, paper towel, and toilet paper?
  • Are you regularly calling or emailing about items that should be cleaned?
  • Or have you given up on calling or emailing about items that should be cleaned because it's wasted time?
  • Does your entrance glass doors routinely appear dirty from hand prints and water spots?
  • Do you or your staff find cleaning items left out and/or on your desks?
  • Are the exhaust fans in your bathrooms dusty?
  • Does your bathroom smell?
  • Are there coffee stains in your break room sink?
  • Are the SDS for the products they use and store in your facility missing?
  • Are the products stored in your facility missing labels?

If You Answered YES To More Than One Of These It's Time To Take The Next Step
Because If They Are Missing The Obvious Items What About Items That You Can’t See Like Disinfecting Of Surfaces

We talk to Office and Facility Managers everyday who are dealing 

with the disconnect  of their current cleaning company.

  • Instead of wasting hours per week asking a "professional" to handle the job details they agreed to complete and are collecting money for
  • Instead of ignoring all the times you or your staff clean a part of your facility
  • Instead of making or listening to excuses about the cleaning
  • Instead of looking at the filth

There's A Better Way

Here's What To Do Next

Step 1: Fill out the form

Step 2: Get a customized scope of work

Step 3: We'll take care of all the dirty work

Difference You Can See

We Built Our 72 Point Cleaning Audit Around Your Needs And Expectations

We interviewed dozens of Office and Facility Manager so we could build a cleaning audit based on necessary as well as most commonly overlooked items.
With the insight we received from our Partners we built the most comprehensive cleaning audit.

  • Each Team Member has a reminder checklist nightly
  • Depending on frequency of service each Team Member does a minimum self audit weekly
  • Depending on frequency of service Operation Manager or Supervisor performs a cleaning audit monthly (or more)
  • This audit is a rigorous test to make sure that your facility is always clean and presentable
  • The cleaning audit is done on a grading scale one point for each problem area, two points for critical areas. We review a minimum of 10% of each areas and 20% of critical areas. 
  • There are three possible outcomes for your audit. The team member is awarded with one of three grades:  Pass, Remedy (5 day to remedy infractions), Fail (immediate termination from the facility).

Cleaning Machine is committed to doing everything we can to keep our customers and communities safe. 
That’s why we offer a range of services, that are customizable for each customer.
We are so committed here is our pledge to you:

Our Pledge:

We will audit our work
We will clean when scheduled
We will clean per our scope of work
We will maintain the security of your facility
We will clean within the hour requirements that are agreed upon
We will maintain proper cleaning protocols to keep you and your employees safe and healthy